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I spent some time today reading through the social media posts of the lists of the things that everyone is most thankful for. Of course, the top items are listed again and again: friends, family, spouses, children, jobs, homes, health. And of course, these are the most important things in life. I thought long and hard today about what I am thankful for. The items above are obviously top on my list. But again, the point of this blog is to share the things that people forget to mention. It’s ok to admit that on this Thanksgiving day, I am probably most thankful for the two hours of sesame street on the iPad that got Greyson and I through the treacherous four hour drive to Albany. As a work at home mom, I want to share some of the little things in life that I am extremely thankful for on a daily basis.

1.) Nap time. Enough said. I could stop here and be happy with this list.
2.) Keurig coffee. A quick cup of coffee at any moment is a necessity when caring for three children all day.
3.) Kids on Demand. Sometimes, you just need a little Bubble Guppies ASAP.
4.) My babysitter. As much as I love to spend all day with Grey, being able to leave the house once in a while is a magical thing. Thank god for a good sitter.
5.) Pinot noir. After a long day, a large glass of red wine always does the trick.
6.) DVR. Unfortunately, Prime time television occurs during prime time bedtime. If not for DVR, we’d be extremely out of touch with what’s new on TV.
7.) Baby gates. Sometimes, the only way to get anything done is to keep ‘me contained.
8.) Concealer, foundation, bronzer. A girl needs good makeup to cover up those tired eyes.
9.) Facebook. Since our nights out are few and far between these days, Facebook makes me feel little more connected to my former social life.
10.) My husband. I’m not trying to get all sappy here, but by 6:00pm, I need backup.

So like all of the other posts you read today, I’ll say that I am most thankful for my family and my friends – but it’s that list of the little things that get me through the day. Happy Thanksgiving!

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