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All Nighters

College All Nighter:

7:00 – Pre-Game Party

10:00 – Hit the Bars

2:00 – Last Call

2:30 – Mark’s Texas Hots for Garbage Plates*
*If you aren’t from Rochester or haven’t had a garbage plate, Google it. MMM….

4:00 – After Party

6:00 – Cab Ride Home

Mommy All Nighter:

7:00 – Bath Time

7:30 – Baby Bed Time

10:30 – Screaming Baby

12:30 – Screaming Baby

4:00 – Husband up to catch early flight

5:00 – Wide awake, happy baby

In college, I pulled all-nighters all the time. There was the weekend all nighters, staying out partying with friends until the sun came up. Then there was the studying all-nighter – hanging in the computer lab on campus, drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes until we finished our finals. After nights like these, you went home and crashed until 1:00 or 2:00pm. You recovered quickly; you didn’t have a hang over, and you were ready to do it again if you felt like it.

These days, all nighters included a teething baby, infant Motrin, making bottles, and watching Sesame Street. Recovering from an all nighter is a totally different experience. I wasn’t drinking last night but I definitely feel hung over. It’s very possible that it will take my three nights until I feel rested again. I mean, rested in mommy standards. Tonight, I think I might never feel rested again.  

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