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You Know You Have Too Many Children When…

I took Grey to the Strong National Museum of Play this week and I have to say that the spectacle of so many parents toting around small armies of children was much more intriguing than the actual exhibits. I got to thinking about how many children I really want to have. I put this list together to help myself remember when enough is enough.

You Know You Have Too Many Children When…

1.)    …when the children outnumber the adults in the household.

2.)    …when you can field a basketball team.

3.)    …when you have to take two cars to go out as a family.

4.)    …when you have instated a buddy system in which the older kids are responsible for the younger kids when you are out.

5.)    …when you dress them in the same color shirt to keep track of them when you are in large crowds.

6.)    …when you can’t fit them all in one bathroom stall with you when you are out shopping.

7.)    …when your youngest has literally never owned anything new because you have so many hand-me-downs.

8.)    …when you’ve been either pregnant or breast-feeding for more than five years straight.

9.)    …when there’s not enough high chairs at the restaurant to seat your family.

10.) …when you need more than one cart at the grocery store to accommodate all of your weekly supplies.

11.) …when you drop your kids off at three different schools every day: elementary school, middle school, and high school.

12.) …when you own more than one set of bunk beds.

13.) …when people think it’s impressive that not only can you remember all of their names, you can list them in order from eldest to youngest.

14.) …when the number of loads of laundry you do every week far surpasses the number of meals you’ve had time to eat.

15.) …when the cost of sending them to daycare would exceed your annual salary.

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