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Mommy needs a nap.

Someone once told me, when you are exhausted, you should sleep when the baby sleeps. Considering it’s been a hellish week, Matt’s been traveling and Grey has been up at 4:45am every day , I thought I’d give that a whirl this afternoon. Here’s what went through my head as I laid there, feeling guilty for not being productive:

This couch is uncomfortable. I wish I had a pillow. And a blanket. It’s cold in here. I wonder if I should turn the heat up. I wonder if the baby is cold. I am going to grab a blanket. (30 seconds pass…) I’m still cold. I need another blanket. OK. That’s better. I wonder how long the baby will sleep. Is it worth to keep trying to fall asleep? Ooo – what’s that on TV? Oh, that looks like a good episode. I should remember to DVR that. Oh yeah, the DVR list is full. I should delete some shows. I should be watching my shows right now so that I can delete them. I should turn the TV off so that I can fall asleep. What was that noise? The washer? Shit. I have to switch the laundry. I should do that so it’s dry when I wake up so that I can get it folded before hubby gets home. Nah. Too warm under these blankets to get up. The neighbor’s dog is barking. Surprise, surprise. That is totally going to wake the baby. Is that my stomach growling? When was the last time I ate today? I’m hungry. I should go eat lunch before the baby gets up. There is literally no food in the house though. I should go grocery shopping this afternoon. Actually, the weather is supposed to get pretty bad this afternoon. I wonder if our sitter is going to cancel tonight if the weather gets bad. I hope we have enough diapers and formula in the house in case the weather gets really bad. I should put on the weather channel or check the news online. Hmm, while I’m online, I should peek at Twitter quickly. And my e-mail. I think I hear the baby rolling around. Where is the monitor? Battery is dying. I should plug it in so I can hear him. I’m pretty thirsty. I need a sip of water. I have to pee. I should just hold it. If I get up, I’m going to wake him up. OMG. Is that the neighbor’s dog, again?? For God’s sake, let that damn dog inside. Shit, it’s already 1:30. He’s going to be up any time now. This is so pointless to try to nap. I probably shouldn’t have had that large coffee this morning and I’d be able to sleep right now. Maybe if I didn’t have that last glass of wine last night I wouldn’t be so tired. Nah. I’d still be tired. I hope the baby starts sleeping through the night again soon. I need a full night’s sleep so badly. I really need a nap. I wish I could nap. I can’t sleep. I should get up. Does this happen to everyone? I should write a blog about this before the baby gets up.

So what have I learned this afternoon? Trying to nap while the baby naps is stressful and a major waste of precious alone time. It’d be way more enjoyable to watch my shows on the DVR list so I that can delete them. That was on my to-do list, right? See – I am getting things done already. Oh yeah, and maybe I’ll fold that load of laundry during the commercial breaks so I can tell my husband I was productive. More coffee, anyone?

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