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Why Every Business Should Hire a Stay-At-Home Mother

Six months ago, I left my position as the Director of a child care center in order to spend a year at home with my son. Since then, I have been constantly concerned that taking time off to be at home will hurt my career in the long run. As the end to that year at home quickly approaches, I’ve got decisions to make. Stay at home for one more year or find a job? I’m undecided. But either way, I’ve found myself browsing jobs postings regularly.

I’ve heard a lot of comments about how giving up a career to be home with children would not be satisfying for a lot of people and that Stay-at-home-mothers (SAHMs) are often judged as not having the ability or the drive to handle both a family and a career. I know that I should disregard everyone else’s opinions and just choose what’s best for me and my family, but I also don’t want to have regrets.

Here’s what I’ve decided. Screw all the people who look down upon parents for taking time off to raise children. I am willing to bet that taking care of kids all day is more stressful, more physical, and more mind-numbing than any job I will ever work. I’ve decided that raising a baby has made me FAR more experienced and marketable than any other person in my field. I’ve also decided that I am way too good to be browsing job postings on Craigslist offering minimum wage and shitty benefits. Here’s my plan. I’ve written a little SAHM Future Employee Posting. I’m the one that will be doing the interviewing here. If an employer is interested in the possibility of utilizing my talents, they can contact me. So read my posting below and if you have something that I might be interested in, feel free to shoot me an e-mail and I’ll contact you at my earliest convenience (which means after baby’s bedtime).


A Current Stay-At-Home Mother Seeks Employment

Is your company seeking hard working, motivated employees?

Are you tired of unreliable and unprofessional staff?

Is your business looking for savvy, creative, and intelligent people to join your team?


If you answered, “Yes!” to any of the questions above, then hiring a current Stay-At-Home-Mother might be the answer to your professional prayers.

Don’t let the term “Stay-At-Home Mother” scare you away! Shockingly, I hold a Master’s Degree and I am a career-driven woman who just happened to take some time off after having a child. Contrary to popular belief, staying at home with children does not damage your career. As it turns out, raising children makes women (and men) valuable to the workplace in many ways. Continue reading below!

Why SAHMs are more qualified than most:

  •  We can multitask. Period.
  • If we can convince toddlers to eat vegetables, we can sell any product you’re pushing.
  • We can survive longs hours on the job with very little sleep.
  • Managing several children is actually very similar to managing several adults.
  • While working through breastfeeding, sleep training, and behavior management, we’ve learned to research and implement challenging strategies consistently and effectively.
  • Between Baptisms, birthday, and holidays, we are experts in event planning and promotion.
  • In searching for support and adult interaction, we’ve mastered the use of social media and networking.
  • We’ve created varying schedules for each member of our family and ensured that everyone abides by their schedules accordingly on a daily basis.
  • We actually DO have eyes in the back of our heads.
  • Many of us have taken up blogging, honing our creative writing skills and learning to turn a hobby into a business. We’ve studied advertising, sponsorship, and online marketing. And not to brag, but we did it all during naptimes.
  • We’ve become self-studied child development specialists.
  • We are experts at managing our time, mostly because we have so little of it.
  • We can calm screaming children during crowded checkout lines. Let’s just say we work well under pressure.
  • While trying to raise children without ruining our marriages, we’ve learned the importance of communication and collaboration with our partners.
  • We didn’t leave our jobs because we aren’t dedicated to our careers – we left because we understand the value of a balance between work and family.

The next time you interview a SAHM candidate, don’t assume that we are not career driven individuals. Don’t immediately conclude that a little time off from a traditional position makes us irrelevant and unqualified.

 So why should you hire a Stay-At-Home-Mother?

1.)    Because parenting is one of the most stressful and demanding positions anyone will ever accept and it’s prepared us to become even better employees when we return to the workplace.

2.)    Because I’m a mother and I told you so.

3.)    Because you won’t get dessert if you don’t.

Just kidding, if you hire me, I promise not to use any cliché mom-phrases.



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