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You Know You’re A Mom When…..


Thank you to all of the awesome Moms that helped me compile this hilarious list! I had planned to add a few of my own, but I think you ladies pretty much covered it. Enjoy and check out their blogs, businesses, and websites as well!

You Know You’re A Mom When……

  1. A trip to Target alone feels like a weekend getaway. – Gianina C.
  2. Your lunch consists of torn off crusts, uneaten pieces of green beans and puffs. – Dawn S.
  3. Sleeping in = 6am and staying up late = 10pm. – Jessica A. at http://yourhealthyhappylife.blogspot.com/
  4. Your purse always smells like rotten milk from the dang sippie cups leaking! – Jamie B.
  5. You have to really search your closet for non-elastic waisted pants for those rare occasions you actually get to dress up. And by dress up, I mean clean jeans, a clean shirt, and my hair not in a ponytail. – Jessica A. at http://yourhealthyhappylife.blogspot.com/
  6. You have learned how to dodge projectile poop. – Tara L. at http://www.lapinskasfamily.blogspot.com
  7. You’re at a dinner party and you say you have to go potty. – Kristin R.
  8. Your left leg is shaved and your right isn’t, you only have mascara on one eye and you’re at the grocery store looking like that wondering why people are looking at you funny. – Shanna S.
  9. You ask,”Is this chocolate or poop?” – Sherree T.
  10. You’re so used to rocking your baby in your arms you sway even when giving presentations or while talking to people! – Annika B.
  11. You can multitask by doing at least 16 different things at once. – Kaylee D.
  12. You’re walking with friends and say, “Oooh! Look 4 tractors! Isn’t that cool! Let’s count them!” My husband always says you can tell a parent of toddlers by asking them when the last time was that they ate a cheerio off the floor. A parent won’t even flinch and probably say it was earlier that day. A non-parent will look at you like you’re crazy. – Ann Z. at http://tragicoptimist.wordpress.com
  13. You pee…when you sneeze, laugh, or your bladder is the tiniest bit over full. – Tammy F. at http://www.chi-townmommymayhem.com
  14. You’re in public and raise your kid up in the air to smell his butt to find out if that smell is coming from your child. – Jamie P.
  15. Using the toilet alone is a luxury. – Alexis B.
  16. Your boobs reach your belly button. – Diana M.
  17. You’re at work and go more than half the day before someone lets you know that your whole left shoulder is covered in dry snot (from comforting the toddler when they freak because they realize you’re leaving for work). – Jackie Y.
  18. You sing to yourself, but slightly aloud, “I’m a little pony, clippedy clop clippedy clop, such a pretty pony, clippedy clop clippedy clop” while grocery shopping alone…. – Dawn S.
  19. You are begging your husband for a minivan! – Jennifer L.
  20. You wake up each am singing the Little Einstein’s theme song!!!! – Peggy C.
  21. You dream of a hot lunch. – Candace H.
  22. When serving a banana, you ask, “Do you want to eat that like a monkey?” – Jenna E.
  23. You say things like, “Don’t put your finger in your sister’s butt.” – Laura L.
  24. You know you’re the mother of a small child when you watch that child gleefully devour her corn, and all you can think is, “That’s gonna be a lot of poop later.” Melissa S. at http://homeonderanged.com
  25. Your car looks like a Babies r Us threw up in the backseat. And also you think The Nose Frida is one of the best things ever created.  – Emma G. at http://ourfreshfamily.com
  26. You haven’t had a solid night’s sleep in 9 years, showering before noon has become a luxury, and you can’t remember the last time you actually sat down to eat breakfast. – Marie B. at https://www.facebook.com/makeyourowndamndinner
  27. Talking about poop color and consistency is normal conversation. – Kelly S.
  28. You haven’t looked in the mirror in….you can’t remember when. – Chelse T. at http://eieiophotography.com/
  29. A night in the hospital has its pluses. – Jodie G.
  30. You try to grocery shop, take care of groceries, start wash, fold wash, take care of the wash, start dinner all before baby wakes up!! – Kristen E.
  31. All of a sudden, your life means more because you can’t imagine your baby navigating this world without you. – Kristi C. at http://www.findingninee.com/
  32. You go to the mall to get new clothes for yourself and come home with a bag filled from Gymboree! – Kim C.
  33. You hide in the bathroom for a few minutes of quiet time. – BreAnne at http://www.thepinspiredmom.com
  34. It’s 10 am and you been up for five hours already. – Laura C.
  35. You no longer question what that stain or wet spot on your clothing is. The last big purchase you made as a gift to yourself and were EXCITED about is a vacuum. Erin P. at http://www.unconventionalmommytails.com
  36. A vacation is more stressful than daily life. – Christine P. at http://www.musingsofasinglemama.com
  37. You are so tired that you almost walk into the shower with your bra on. – Jacquelyn T.  at http://thenonmarthamomma.com
  38. You find Cheerios in your purse! –  Leah M. at http://www.sandytoescreations.com


Got something to add to this list??? Leave me a comment with your “You Know You’re A Mom When” moments!



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Click here to send a vote once daily!