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Child Alert Center Review and Giveaway


Missing Children

Did you know that a child goes missing in the United States every 42 seconds?

If you are like me, then you probably haven’t put any thought or consideration into planning your course of action in the event that your child goes missing. I think it’s very easy for parents to feel as though something so horrific would never happen to their child, but unfortunately, 2100 children go missing every day.

Child Alert Center

While it’s not easy, it’s important for parents to consider this scary situation. How will you react? What will you do first? As a parent, I know that I would want my child’s information and photo circulated to the public as quickly as possible. Fortunately, there is a service called the Child Alert Center that will handle fast dissemination of your child’s updated information in the event that your child goes missing.

Child Alert Center is a safe and secure, member based company that will immediately create and distribute children’s information and photos in the form of a poster to the right resources that will aid in search efforts. (See below for registration information, a DISCOUNT code, and a chance to win a free membership).

Many parents might assume that the police are responsible for publicizing your missing child’s information. When a child goes missing, the police are focusing their efforts on finding the child as quickly as possible.  In addition, the average time for law enforcement to distribute information on a missing child is seven hours. Child Alert Center can relieve the police of this responsibility and distribute children’s information in as little as seven minutes.

How it Works

By registering with Child Alert Center, parents can upload and store current photos, statistics, and descriptions about their children. If your child does go missing, call the police. Then, call Child Alert Center to being circulating your child’s information.


Child Alert Center will send a poster with photos to your list of family and friends, social media avenues, law enforcement agencies. They will contact organizations such as the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC), Association of Missing and Exploited Children’s Organizations (AMECO), and the Missing Children’s Clearinghouse for the necessary states and get information about your child to television, radio stations and newspapers.


So far, Child Alert Center has a 100% recovery rate for all children who went missing that were pre-registered with the service.

Why I Recommend Child Alert Center

As a mother, I know that I spend every day protecting my child from danger. I’ve baby proofed my house, I’ve bought the safest car seats on the market, and I became certified in Infant and Child CPR. Before learning about Child Alert Center, I had never considered what I might do in the event that my son went missing. I know that in a state of panic, I wouldn’t want to worry about finding updated photos, or trying to create posters, or relying on the police to give out information, which could take seven hours. For as little as $15 per year, I can register with Child Alert Center and let help protect my child. What’s even better, Child Alert Center is now offering a 20% discount to my readers. Just visit their site at www.childalertcenter.com and use the discount code MYCHILD2.

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