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Did you know: everything is cancer-causing?

If I had to describe myself as a mother, I’d say that I am protective, but not overprotective. I worry, but I don’t agonize over every tiny decision. I call my pediatrician occasionally when I have questions, but I’m not that mom that has to make an appointment for every little sniffle. Lately, I’ve fallen into the trap of listening to other’s opinions and reading ridiculous articles warning parents about the harmful effects of just about everything related to parenting. Let me explain.

When I was pregnant, I stocked up on groceries and baby supplies so that we wouldn’t have to make any unnecessary trips to the store after returning home from the hospital. Many of the baby products that I had purchased were Johnson and Johnson, since it’s the “most trusted brand for over one hundred years.” It seemed like the most popular and most relevant choice, but still reasonably priced. Low and behold, I soon learned that Johnson and Johnson’s baby products that are sold in the US contain carcinogenic chemicals. Are you kidding me? The brand trusted for over 100 years knowingly includes carcinogenic chemicals in their products? Great. So my baby will be clean and moisturized, but he might get cancer.

When my son was around twelve months old, we realized that he was lactose intolerant. We had tried baby yogurt a few months earlier with some negative effects (I won’t get into the gruesome details…). At one year, we tried giving him a little whole milk with similar results. At this point, we accepted that dairy won’t be a part of his diet at this time. We decided to try soy milk instead which he tolerated much better. Perfect. Problem solved. Or was it? A few months later, I started hearing rumors about the negative effects of drinking soy milk. Soy milk contains photoestrogen which is a plant hormone which may raise the risk of breast cancer or cause a decrease in male’s sperm count. I searched tons of articles. Studies show this…. Studies show that…. There’s no conclusive scientific evidence of any harmful effects…. Blah blah blah. I don’t buy it, but just to be safe, I switched the kid to almond milk.

We also realized that my son with the sensitive tummy also has sensitive skin. When he had his first really terrible diaper rash, we tried Desitin, again because it seemed to be the most common brand. Unfortunately, my son screamed every time I applied it and I realized that I had to find another option. We tried something more like an ointment, which made him more comfortable but didn’t clear his rash. Finally, we decided on old fashioned baby powder. It kept him dry, cleared his rash, and made him so much more comfortable. Now, we use baby powder regularly. Yesterday I learned that baby powder is apparently harmful to babies. WHAT? What the fuck is baby powder for if it is harmful to babies??? Apparently, inhaling powder (especially talc-based powders) can cause serious breathing problems and lung damage. My son’s diaper rash is cleared, thank god, but he might have permanent breathing problems. What a trade off.

The list goes on and on. Supposedly letting your children eat anything with food dyes in it can cause hyperactivity. Eating non organic fruits and vegetables will expose your child to toxic pesticides. And don’t even get my started on vaccines. It’s ridiculous! How are parents supposed to raise children in a healthy way if literally EVERY product, food, and medication possibly causes some other life threatening result?? But the scientific evidence is always inconclusive, you can’t believe anything you read, and every pediatrician will tell you something different. It’s exhausting.

I’ve decided from here on out that I am totally over listening to anyone’s opinions on the cancer causing shit that I let my child eat. There’s just way too much conflicting information. I am done Googling any medical concerns I might have because there is always at least two articles that will tell me that I’m killing my kid by using baby shampoo. When I was little, I’m pretty sure organic food didn’t even exist, I ate tons of desserts and juices loaded with food dyes, and I played in dirt that was probably filled with fertilizer. And I turned out just fine, right?

I totally get that when scientific evidence is available to let consumers know about something harmful (like when our parents learned they probably shouldn’t be smoking packs and packs of cigarettes), it’s important to pay attention. But listening to speculation over something that isn’t even conclusive is way too overwhelming.

So today, I’m going to spend the afternoon outside eating dye-filled Popsicles with my son while enjoying the cancer-causing sunshine. And you know? I’m not even worried about it.


Note: The opinions expressed in this post are purely my own and it’s totally OK if you disagree and prefer not to let your child eat dye-filled Popsicles.

Heard other crazy allegations about things that are harmful for children??? Let me know about them in the comments so I have something new to worry about. 🙂








  1. This absolutely sounds like a rant I’d go on! I started reading it to my husband when I got to the part “what the fuck is baby powder for then??” which is a completely valid and humorous point!! Lydia is on soy formula and eats non-organic baby food. I suspect I also ate non-organic and had soy because I am lactose intolerant and look…healthy boobs still (knock on wood)! Great post!
    Monica Froese recently posted…a day off with mom!My Profile

  2. I’ve also had to stop reading stuff and listening to people b/c I was going crazy over if I was harming my children. My mom has told me a million times “We brought you home from the hospital without a carseat, you slept on your belly from day 1 with a blanket and you never ate anything organic and you’re still living!”

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