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Curious George’s Town App Review and Giveaway

Curious George App 1
Curious George’s Town App

This summer, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt announced the release of the new Curious George’s Town App for iPad and iPhone. As a certified early childhood/elementary education teacher and a mother to a toddler, I am always looking for exciting new ways to incorporate educational technology into learning. After trying it out, I am thrilled to share some of the great features this app as well as to provide an awesome Curious George Prize Pack giveaway for my readers.

The Curious George’s Town App, designed for children ranging in age from preschool through Kindergarten, offers children the opportunity to explore various places in a neighborhood, including a pet store, a library, and a bakery. Each place in George’s town features an educational game for children to play, focusing on various math and literacy skills.

Features I love

The app includes five different places in George’s town for children to visit. Each place introduces a new game for children to explore. I love that every game offered enhances a variety of math and literacy skills. For instance, when children enter the bakery, they are asked to help a customer choose the correct number of candles and colored icing for a cake. Then, children use their creativity to design a cake by coloring with their fingers and choosing toppings. While visiting the market, children help George collect food by moving his basket around to “catch” a specific number of items. In the library, children help George return books back to the shelf that all begin with the same letter. For me, the best part of the app is that each game offers an educational, age appropriate, yet exiting activity.

Choose a place in town to play!

Choose a place in town to play!

Another wonderful feature included in this app is an incentive system. For each activity completed, children collect and save coins which they can use to purchase things to add to their town, such as houses, camping grounds, and circus tents. Children are encouraged to save their coins to buy higher costing things and then use these items to design their very own town. And the best part? There is a “Parent” section in which parents can enter real-life chores as well and reward their children with coins to use in George’s store when tasks are completed.

Collect and save coins to use in the store!

Collect and save coins to use in the store!

Why I Recommend This App

As a teacher and a mother, it’s important to me that the time my child spends engaging in technology is both fun AND educational. I only download apps that will enhance educational skills and offer a safe place for children to play. I try to avoid internet sites that often require children to create accounts, share personal information, and that are littered with advertisements. Curious George’s Town App provides exciting games for children enjoy while motivating them to collect and save coins to use in the store. In my opinion, it’s a perfect combination of entertainment and learning for preschool to early elementary aged children.

The app can be purchased for iPad or iPhone for $3.99. Check out a preview of the app here!

While you’re here, you can enter to win a FREE download of the Curious George’s Town App included in the Curious George Prize Pack Giveaway!

Curious George Prize Pack offers a free app download and Curious George gift pack containing: Curious George Builds A Home and the Curious George Travel Activity Kit containing: A classic book, 3 stories on CD, an activity book, a card game, stickers and double-sided crayons.

Enter to Win this awesome prize pack!

Enter to Win this Awesome Prize Pack!

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