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Thanks for your interest in advertising with The Honest Mommy! I love supporting other businesses and I am currently offering several different methods of advertising. You have the option to purchase a sponsored post, ad space in my sidebar, or to submit your information for a product review/giveaway. Check out the information below to decide which option is best for your business.

Sponsored Post – A sponsored post is a short article with information regarding your company’s products or services that includes links to your company’s website. A sponsored post will be shared on my blog and promoted via social media websites including Facebook and Twitter. A sponsored post can be purchased for the price of $50 per article.

Product Review/Giveaway – I am currently accepting family oriented and maternity products for review. If you are interested in a review, please submit an email to Caitlin.Beauchaine@yahoo.com with your company name, product information, and time frame in which you need the review completed. The cost for a product review ONLY is typically $50.00.

If you would like to provide a review and a giveaway, please include a product photo and cash value. Cost to post a review with a giveaway varies depending on the agreement made between myself and the company providing the product. Giveaways are a great way to increase interest and traffic to your company’s website! Reviews and giveaways will be promoted via social media websites including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

The Honest Mommy is not obligated to post a positive review. The Honest Mommy is not obligated to review every product submitted. Please e-mail me with any further questions!

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