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Cake Pop Catastrophe

I’ve always felt that Valentine’s Day is a sad excuse for a holiday, mainly created by Hallmark purely for the sake of increasing sales. If you read my Valentine’s Day post last year, then I really don’t need to get into detail here. Because of this, I’ve never expected my husband to spend hundreds of dollars on some cheesy and hideous Open Heart necklace designed by Jane Seymour as a means of showing me his love on this fraudulent holiday. Before kids, we typically used Valentine’s Day as an excuse to indulge in dinner and drinks at a trendy restaurant without feeling guilty for spending a little extra cash. Come to think of it, at that time in our life, we didn’t really feel guilty for spending money at all, for the most part, considering we didn’t have a child to support at the time. But I digress.

In 2012, Valentine’s Day became the official day that we got to bring out newborn baby home from the hospital. Now that seems like something to celebrate. So even though I sort of hate the holiday, at least it has a little bit more personal meaning than in prior years.

While I would have loved to celebrate Valentine’s Day in the same way we did before having kids, enjoying late night dinner reservations in a cozy booth at a dimly lit wine bar, things have changed a bit. Not only are good babysitters hard to come by, but we are a little bit more careful with our financial situation, now that daycare costs are slowly sucking away at our savings. Nevertheless, we wanted to celebrate the anniversary of bringing home our little Valentine. With money being tight, we were forced to get creative.

I have to say, the first half of my Valentine’s Day surprise went pretty well. I used an idea that I found on another blog to create a simple, homemade gift for my husband. I bought a white mug and use chalkboard paint to paint a heart on the front of the mug. Now, I can leave personalized messages on my husband’s coffee cup every morning. Not bad, right?? Here’s a pic:

I wrote, "I Love You" in chalk on the mug. Tomorrow, I'm going to write, "Do the Laundry." :) So convenient.

I wrote, “I Love You” in chalk on the mug. Tomorrow, I’m going to write, “Do the Laundry.” 🙂 So convenient.

And it was all downhill from there. Unfortunately, the second half of my amazing DIY Valentine’s Day idea didn’t go quite as well. I made the decision that I wanted to bake. Not only did I want to bake, I decided to bake something challenging. Cake pops. That’s right. A girl who has literally never baked anything in her life decided to tackle cake pops on the night before Valentine’s Day. You can probably imagine where this is going.

This is what I imagined my cake pops looking like. Hahahahahahaha.

This is what I imagined my cake pops looking like. Hahahahahahaha.

A few generous girlfriends of mine offered to assist with this overzealous undertaking. I drove over to my friend’s house on Thursday night after work to begin the baking. It was an evening filled with flying chocolate, crying babies, and several much needed glasses of wine. To sum it up, here’s a list of mistakes we made.

1.)    Baking cake pops while caring for four kids is probably too much to take on at one time.

2.)    If you are going to attempt to bake something for a gift or an event, do a trial run before the real thing and plan for lots of uninterrupted free time to get them done.


4.)    Unless you want softball sized cake pops, make the cake balls small.

5.)    Have at least three bottles of wine on hand to manage the stress involved in creating these evil baked goods.

I know this isn't the best photo, but you get the idea. They looked like shit.Literally. LOL.

I know this isn’t the best photo, but you get the idea. They looked like shit.Literally. LOL.

At the end of the night, the cake pops looked like a hot mess. But I have say, I did have an absolute blast hanging out with my girlfriends and I probably haven’t laughed that hard in a long time. I can’t thank them enough for even attempting this uphill baking battle with me. Luckily, my husband thought the cake pops tasted awesome even thought they looked like hell. He even got a little creative, too. This is what I came home to on Valentine’s Day:

So romantic, right?? At least he had the smarts not to attempt to dip those strawberries himself. Apparently, store bought is always better in my house when it comes to baking.

So romantic, right?? At least he had the smarts not to attempt to dip those strawberries himself.

It takes an especially thoughtful man to purchase gorgeous chocolate covered strawberries and then add a mustache photo bomb selfie to the plate. You’re jealous, I know.

And the most important lesson learned in regards to Valentine’s Day baked goods? Next year, I’ll go with something store bought.


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