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Our Second Attempt at Breakfast with Santa

If you follow my blog, then I’m sure you already know about the awful experience at Santa Breakfast that we had last year. Long story short, the venue was a warehouse, the food was vegan-organic-soy-gross, and Santa’s little elves were dressed in combat boots and fish nets. Needless to say, I was a little disappointed. On a side note, that place actually had the balls to call me back and ask if we’d be attending again this year…. I’ll just let you imagine my response.

So this year, I was bound and determined to make it right. I researched several Breakfasts with Santa and we decided to make reservations for one held St. John Fisher College, where my husband and I met. How cute, right? If you aren’t familiar with Fisher, let me fill you in quickly on the dining hall situation. Fisher had the absolute most amazing dining hall food in collegiate history. There’s a reason I weighed 25 pounds heavier in college and only a small portion of that weight (Ok, maybe about half that weight) was due to the exorbitant amount of alcohol consumed regularly. Brunch in the Fisher dining hall is legendary. On a Sunday after a long night of drinking, there was nothing better than a minimum of three plates filled with eggs, bacon, breakfast pizza, home fries, and whatever other delicious additions you could find floating around the dining hall. In short, the food was damn good. So when we found out that Fisher hosts a Breakfast with Santa, it seemed the perfect opportunity to visit our Alma mater. At least we knew the food would definitely be better than the organic cardboard crap we pushed around our plates at last year’s event.

Walking around the Fisher campus was a little bit surreal. I swear, the same old woman who swiped your meal card at the door was still there. The last time that I was in the dining hall in college, I definitely didn’t have a child with me and I was probably far more hung over. And brunch? It was even better than I remember. We had a blast eating breakfast and decorating cookies. Then, it was our turn to meet Santa.

Here we are trying to convince our kid that Santa isn't a total creep.

Here we are trying to convince our kid that Santa isn’t a total creep.

Greyson has always been a little bit scared of strangers, so I knew the chances of him sitting on Santa’s lap were probably slim. Now that I think about it, I actually prefer  that he has a problem with me handing him off to a stranger, especially a creepy old man with a beard and a ridiculous red jumpsuit. I’m totally fine with the fact that he doesn’t think it’s normal to sit on a stranger’s lap, even if they are trying to bribe you with toys and candy…. But I digress. We got Grey a train table for Christmas, so we were trying to hype him up for it by telling him to ask for choo choo trains when it was his turn to meet Santa. While we couldn’t get the kid anywhere near sitting on Santa’s lap, we did get close enough for him to tell Santa what he wanted. And do you know what he asked for? Not choo choo trains, not a bike, not trucks or books or airplanes. He asked for a water bottle. He wants a frickin’ WATER BOTTLE. Are you kidding me?! God, I love toddlers. Now that, my friends, I can make happen. I don’t have to wait in lines on black Friday to get a good deal on a water bottle or try to beat the crowds to ensure that the store isn’t sold out of water bottles. I’m almost positive it doesn’t get any easier than buying your kid a water bottle for Christmas. I know in a few short years he’ll  think he’s worthy of a PS4 or the newest Apple product, but this year, I am just enjoying the fact that the kid wants a fucking water bottle.

Check out this sweet construction truck water bottle. I'm going to have the happiest kid ever on Christmas morning.

Check out this sweet construction truck water bottle. I’m going to have the happiest kid ever on Christmas morning.

All in all, it was an awesome day. I got to enjoy an amazing breakfast with my family, visit with some friends, and got to watch my son tell Santa what he wanted for Christmas for the first time. And on top of that, Santa’s Elves were dressed appropriately this year and didn’t even seem like they were smoking something between shifts. Cheers to that.