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San Francisco, California


University of California, Berkeley


Content Strategy, SEO, Parenting Content

Emily Schiller

Content Manager

Emily has a knack for identifying trending topics in parenting, ensuring The Honest Mommy’s content is always relevant and timely.
She excels at SEO, making sure that the website’s content is easily discoverable and reaches the right audience.
Emily’s editorial standards are high, ensuring that every piece of content is thoroughly researched and fact-checked.


Emily joined The Honest Mommy in 2021 with a rich background in journalism and digital marketing. She has over 7 years of experience in content management, during which she has worked with various online platforms to create engaging and informative content. Emily’s expertise lies in developing content strategies that resonate with the target audience and drive engagement.


Emily studied Journalism at the University of California, Berkeley. She further honed her digital marketing skills through various online courses and certifications.

The Honest Mommy Editorial Policies

The Honest Mommy’s content is crafted by a dedicated team of parenting experts, child development specialists, and experienced writers. Our team is passionate about providing the most current, engaging, and helpful content for parents and caregivers. Our mission is to serve as a reliable resource for those seeking guidance, tips, and insights into the world of parenting.

Our content managers, specialists, and fact-checkers work collaboratively to ensure that our content is accurate, timely, and comprehensive. We believe in the importance of providing trustworthy and practical information to our readers. For more details about our editorial policy, please visit our dedicated page here.

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