Our Review Process

At thehonestmommy.com, our primary goal is to provide parents with reliable and comprehensive information to make informed decisions about children’s toys, gadgets, and activities. Our review process is designed with this goal in mind, ensuring we deliver accurate and unbiased reviews.

Our Review Approach

Our reviewers immerse themselves in the use of each product, experiencing it as your child would. We play with the toys, use the gadgets, and participate in the activities. This hands-on approach allows us to understand the product’s functionality, safety, educational value, and overall appeal to children.

Our Rating System

We rate all products on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being the best. Here’s what our ratings mean:

  • 5 stars = Exceptional
  • 4 stars = Highly Recommended
  • 3 stars = Good, with some reservations
  • 2.5 stars = Average
  • 2 stars = Below Average
  • 1 star = Not Recommended

Special Awards

In addition to the overall rating, we may recognize a product with a special award:

  • Editor’s Choice: This award is given to standout products in their category, excelling in features, performance, and value.
  • Best Value: This award recognizes products that offer a great balance of price and features.
  • Budget Pick: This award goes to products that deliver essential features at an unbeatable price.

Our Testing Methodology

We review a wide range of products, from toys to gadgets to activities. Each product is subjected to a series of tests, many of which we’ve developed in-house. These tests are designed to evaluate the product’s performance in real-world scenarios. We assess the product’s design, ease of use, safety, and educational value, and compare it with similar products in the market. We also consider the product’s price to determine its value for money.

For more about The Honest Mommy, what we do, and who we are, please check out our About Us page.

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